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HausPlants Care and Information 


The Goddess Gaia awoke from her thousand year slumber to the year 2017 and saw destruction, fear,  and the rampant miscommunications of personal feelings. Angered and horrified by the state of the planet, she disguised herself as an everyday human and broke into the nearest IKEA, entering backwards through the cash wrap so she could get to the gardening section first (she could do such things, she is a goddess after all).  There she choose three of the most powerful and drought tolerant houseplants she could find. She breathed life into their xylem and phloem cells and gave them names: Lucy Fern (drums) , Sir Succulent (bass) , Cactus Jack (lead guitar), and Piece Lily (guitar and vocals), and said only this, "ROCK THE EARTH." Gaia then left her newly animated muscians/SOLDIERS OF TRUTH to go get meatballs at the Marketplace. They have been playing shows in dive bars in San Francisco ever since. 

Hausplants care

HausPlants is a low maintenance band that requires only medium light, water, and gas money to perform. Click here for booking inquiries.